Should former Slovenian president Milan Kučan face the court in Haag?


There are many indices which shows us that former Slovenian president Milan Kučan is responsible for war crimes in former Yugoslavia.

If a rewiev of the Slovenian political history would be made, we could hardly found more nagative political figure as Milan Kučan is. After many years as a leader of Slovenian communist party, where he was a pupil of his mentors, hard communists Maček and Dolanc, he was given great amount of knowledge in violation of human rights and metodology of a lie, which are basic elements of every criminal communistic regime. And even today, after two decades of Slovenian independance, he is causing havoc in our country.

It was always interesting fact, how confident Kučan was during his witnessing on a Haag court against Milošević. That was possible only in case if Milošević was not a major figure of idea of a new Yugoslavia upon the leadership of the great Serbia. Kučan’s confidence was only possible if Kučan himself was the main character of that scenario. Let us see why.

After the fall of Yugoslavia, Slovenian communist party was calculating with its renewal. For that goal Slovenian communists took advantage of Milošević’s ambition to become a great leader of the Balkan nation. Therefore Kučan gave Milošević fake feeling that he is a new Josip Broz – Tito. But when the plan failed, Kučan’s communists betrayed Milošević, because he became useless. It is a big probability that Slovenian communists would ban Milošević from his position anyway, soon after he would constructed a new Yugoslavia on its former burning ground. After that, the real new dictator Tito would rise from the ashes – Milan Kučan – who had and still has a strong background support in Balkan mafia and other criminal regime’s institutions and politics. So there is no weirdness in fact, that Kučan was not affraid of Milošević.

The main indices of Kučan’s plans to renew Yugoslavia, are in some war analitics, who states, that there would be no Balkan war, if there were no demilitarisation of Slovenian teritorial deffence in may 1990, which happened with Kučan’s cooperation with Yugoslavian national army, and the fact, that Slovenian communists moved their money, earned with drug smuggling and other criminal acts, in abroad expositures of Ljubljana’s Bank under pretention that the money is intended for Slovenian minority living outside of Slovenia. That is how Kučan affected on the course of the Balkan war in the 90s, when also one of the hidious genocides in the history of the mankind was made – Srebrenica.

But if until today everyone in former Yugoslavia, who collaborated with Kučan, were accused of war crimes in Balkan war, he was charged of absolutely nothing. Not even one of his hair was touched. Furthermore, with his underground political activities, he is causing fatal damage to Slovenia and to Slovenian nation, by killing its democracy and building communistic dictatorship. For example: The threats of death for the Slovenian opposition leader Janez Janša from one of the most influent Slovenian bloggers Mitja Kunstelj, former member of the Slovenian special army forces and former junkie, and also death threats from former Slovenian minister for internal affairs (police and political police called UDBA) in former Yugoslavia Janez Zemljarič (today he is one of the most influent and powerful people in Slovenia), who stated, that Janša must be killed. Both of these are members of so called Kučan’s clan. Life of Janez Janša, who is now regime’s political prisoner, is therefore highly at risk.

By Kučan’s political activity, Slovenia has become Europe’s North Korea in only past six years. As mentioned before, Slovenia has its own political prisoners and it is the only state in Europe and also in the democratic West, which has its political prisoners and where political opposition is only a matter of formality not reality. Situation in Slovenia in that case is very similar to the situation of Ukraine, during Janukovich’s regime, which imprisoned the opposition leader Yulia Timoshenko.

What can we say for the conclusion? There is a lot of indices that former Slovenian president Milan Kučan is a war criminal and as such fully responsible for the hideous and gruesome crimes in balkan war, such as Vukovar and Srebrenica. And if those strong indices exsist, Kučan is mature to face the Haag court as one accused of the serious war crimes against humanity in balkan war.